Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey everyone,

haven't posted in a while here's an environment I'm working on. It's a dude on his flying hoovercraft thing going towards a ship of sorts. Trying to work more in color etc.

Let me know what you guys think.




  1. Wow this looks really good. The colors and mood is awesome. I wish you've move the plane the guy was on slightly higher and we'll see the whole plane rather than cropping it at the wings. It'll be awesome to see that whole machine.

  2. Awesome post! I agree with Nicky about raising the craft/rider. I would also suggest tilting it as he flies (think of surfers/skateboarders).

    In terms of color, I think it would strengthen the piece to find a way to inject more color. Maybe give the hovercraft another color of boosters? Also, think of what mood you want to establish and what overall color might look nice doing that. Looking great bro!

  3. Thanks for the awesome replies guys! I definitely agree on raising the craft he's on. It was bugging me before but guess I decided to ignore it :p.

    Thanks again!


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