Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adventure time

Heya did another quick one today, hope you guys like. Started out as a lasso painting.

Lemme know what you guys think!


  1. Tying transparency to pressure on your brush is of course a great way to paint, but it's also a great way to get that "streakiness" that I see in a lot of your paintings. I think your work would greatly benefit from some more delicate blending as well as painting with less severe value differences (i.e. instead of painting a light brown on black, paint dark brown on black, and then light brown on the dark brown - this will help minimize the "streakiness" of your brushstrokes). From a distance, it may not be apparent, but you are sabotaging any attempts at believable rendering and appealing brushstrokes.

    Also, lasso painting is a fine technique, but I can readily see your jagged, aliased selection edges, which compromise the unity of your painting. It gives it a cutout effect, like a collage, instead of a unified painting. Consider using Refine Edge to soften your lasso selections. Or, once you've made a selection, press "Q" in photoshop and use your brush to paint along and into the mask, and press "Q" again to return to your now modified selection.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Appreciated! Ye it helps a lot I really need to learn more about what can be done in photoshop. The jagged edges though came mostly from it being blown up from 72 dpi to 300. It was just a real old sketch and wanted to do a speedpainting. So there you are. Thanks a bunch though!

  3. Great composition. I like this one. hmmm... the eagle on the left is stealing the limelight with the warrior. (slightly) Besides that , I think its great as a sketch. Would love to see you finish this as a detail painting. =)

  4. it's looking awesome and very dynamic, Gerland! I would apply the dynamic angles to your character, so he doesn't look so stick straight.


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