Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi everyone! First post to the blog. Wanted to show some of the process of some of the stuff I've been working on. I'm supposed to design this "alien big guy" in a prison scene.
I didn't want to do the stereotypical fat alien dude. But more of a really tall almost aboriginal like figure. So he's not supposed to be straight evil but I wanted people to react to him like they're not entirely sure what to think of him, which is why I thought a lack of eyes would be a step in the right direction, with almost a mystical feel to him.

These are the final three I'm trying to decide from, let me know what you guys think! It's greatly appreciated!




  1. Awww shoot, very cool stuff, Gerland! I'm really liking the head of the one of the left, especially the way his head is a square at the top. I think the long hair of the right-most portrait is a nice feature as well, especially for the narrative of prison. Have you considered giving the left one some wet nasty hair? I woudln't change his head shape though.

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  3. Hmmm, hadn't thought about it yet. Ye these aren't finalized yet but should push me in the right direction to a finish. I personally liked the right and middle one a lot. I'll mess around with some of the hair, haha. Thanks for the great reply! Much appreciated!

  4. Hey Gerland this is looking really cool. So you want tall and aboriginal-like, a prisoner with a deep mystery and mystical way about him, good choice. I really like the blue guy on the right. I like his eyes because they give a sense of carefree and soullessness with the nice black circles, definitely an aspect that appeals to me. I like the mouths on all of them. What if you took the mouth from red guy and put it on blue guy, maybe even middle guy's mouth and put it on blue guy. It depends how much of the dude's face you want to show physical expression. You can go total mystery and cover the parts of the face that show the most expression (eyes and mouth) or you can uncover the mouth to show the audience some physical expression.

  5. Ha! These are great! Love the colors, and the handling from one character's shape to the next. Great choice on 86ing the eyes. Eyes tell so much about a person, so the lack of can be a wonderful antethesis. Would love to see the progress of these characters later on! Great job.

  6. Gerland, first of all, I'm so happy to see your artwork again. :)
    Second, I am really digging the one of the very right. Mr. Blue. He doesn't look straight up evil and definitely feels very mystical. His features also have that "masked" feel to him, as well.

  7. Thanks so much guys for the great comments! Really appreciate them!
    And thanks lane! Hope to see some more of your work as well! <: Also you read my mind I eventually went for "Mr Blue" <:


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