Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Color comp of a beach scene. I could use some feedback before I move into doing a full painting. I am considering doing it traditional, but any comments you have are welcome!

This was entirely hand-painted in photoshop. No photos or textures were used.


  1. Nice color palette! Not sure what to add I think it looks good compositionally etc.. So take it up to a finish

  2. Looks great. Some thoughts:

    -Crop it a bit at the top and a tiny bit at the bottom, as it would lend it a more cinematic aspect ratio which I think would be appropriate for the piece, and I feel the top sort of floats away.

    -More white waves where the water touches the beach, and more disturbances in the ocean (the water seems too even).

    -Some of the tones in the clouds are looking just a tad muddy.

    -Consider varying the edges of your strokes some more in the clouds - different brushes might be called for.

    -This is begging for a burst of color dodge at the location of the sun. Make a new layer, set the blend mode to color dodge, color pick the sun color from the painting, and just hit it with an airbrush radiating from the sun. Go way easy as you can overdo it quick, but color dodge and overlay can get you some more vibrant temperature gradations (which you already have, but this will take it to the next level).

    -There's nothing wrong with using photos or textures judiciously! A nice compromise is brushes that utilize photo textures.

  3. really like the leaves on the foreground and the color palette. Very spiritual and calm. Finish it!

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Very good points there Mitul, insightful as always.


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