Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Character Designs

Hey guys, this will be my first post here on the blog. I just wanted to get your guys' feedback on some character designs I am doing for a project. It has to do with Luchadors. Sorry if the logo gets in the way.

First up we have the villain of the story. His greed is what drives him. He lost his chance at getting a powerful object from the Protagonist's grandfather (back when the grandfather was in wrestling). 

 The next two guys are part of a tag team. They consider them selves a 'dueto' for the audience. They are meant to be a major obstacle the protagonist has to overcome.
Next we have our protagonist. He breathes Luchador Wrestling. Knows all the top guys stats and moves by heart. There are more versions of his design because I don't know what to settle on for him. 

The last character serves as an idol for the boy. This was a quick sketch of him, so he also needs more work put into him. 

Sorry if I am keeping everything vague, I just think it'll be easier to critique if there is little focus on the story for now. But please, if you guys have anymore questions, feel free to ask. And I will try to respond as fast as I can. Thanks again!


  1. Hey Jon! Welcome good sir!

    First of all, the dueto are amazing. They clearly have the strongest shapes and contrast.

    So far, the main villain reminds me a lot of Ratigan. His pose still begs questions. What kind of a villain is this? Does he put on a mask (metaphorically speaking) and act very suave, or does he bully people? Same deal for the idol luchador. Is he full of himself, corny, or actually a hero?
    If you can answer those questions in their pose and shapes, it will really bring them up to the same level as the dueto.

    As for the boy...maybe put something on his head? I feel like he could use one more element to keep him from looking like he's in his pajamas. OR you could give him a luchador action figure or something.

  2. I agree with Steven. I too like the Dueto, they have a great unique look. Regarding the villian and boy, maybe you can give more character to them. Example, maybe the boy can wear specs as he is constantly watching these matches and memorizing all their stats by heart. The villian can also have a huge ring to emphasis on greed and wealth. Looks great!

  3. These look great, Big Jon! I really like the second and third sketches the best. They have good contrast in their designs and the strongest poses. :)


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