Thursday, December 22, 2011

Work in Progress

Hey all,

In my excitement for the new Hobbit trailer, I felt inspired to draw some dwarves. Here are the early beginnings of a (hopefully) soon-to-be epic painting. Currently, I'm still messing around with the composition and lighting, but I'm going to lock it down soon. Any ideas on how I could improve it? Thanks!


  1. Cool! I like it! Right now just looking at it I would repeat some rock/mountain shapes receding in the background. Just mess around with that I think it'll help establish some cool depth. Also right now my eye doesn't really go anywhere specifically so mess around with the lighting and contrast. Like I see the dude smoking his pipe, or getting ready to. You could us that to your advantage to put him as a focal point.

    Overall really cool though! Can't wait to see how it progresses

  2. Old hobbits die hard.

    With a vengeance.

  3. Gerland: Good ideas! I'll definitely implement those. Currently, I was aiming for the viewer to look at the lighting effects first, then go counter-clockwise over to the dwarf on the right, then back around repeatedly. Looks like I need to tinker with it a bit more before I move on to final painting!

    Brett: Serving it up, LIKE A BAGGINS...

  4. I'm excited for the Hobbit trailer too. I've been patching up an old fantasy novel, and then I saw the Hobbit trailer, and I'm like... welp, my story sucks.

    Anyway, here is what I thought with a couple minutes and my mouse.

  5. I know right! I mean c'mon, they had dwarves can't beat that! I've been listening to the audio-book, and Peter Jackson made that part feel way more epic than the guy reading the novel.

    I like how you balanced out the composition, but I'm still looking for a way to properly bring out the figures in the back too. I'm going to sit on this one for a while and thumbnail until I find a good composition. I really liked your solutions. Thanks!


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