Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun with the Lasso tool

Hey guys!

Recently started doing some lasso tool paintings. They're actually a lot of fun! I'm trying to work straight in color now as well. This is my second attempt at it and like I said I think it's really therapeutic and refreshing.

Lemme know if you guys like!

It's just some dude and his spaceship!


  1. This is looking sweet! I've heard of people doing lasso tool paintings before. I'm currently trying this technique where I block in flat, opaque shapes, then just lock the transparency on that layer. It works so well when I have a lot of multiplaning to deal with when animating a background painting. I always have this tendency to mix up my layers and work as if I were painting on one sheet of paper. lol.

  2. I dig this! Your colors are really nice, especially the blue versus the red. I like that combination a lot. I could easily see this being a production board for a story.

    In terms of critique, the only thing that stands out is the foreground object on the right. It has a different visual vocabulary than the rest of the elements. I think it could use just a smidgin more work to tie it into the rest of the painting. That's all I have to offer. It looks great!

  3. Thank ya thank ya! You're definitely right steven! I was feeling the same way. This was just 40 minutes though so I tried not to think about it too much, it was pretty liberating :p I'll touch it soon!

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Oh and lane if you could show me how you do it at some point I'd appreciate it a lot!


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